Data protection
Data protection

Data protection

Exclusive membership
Access to the Testo Experts online portal is only granted to participants who have registered themselves and completed the basic questionnaire. We (especially Testo SE & Co. KGaA (Germany)) use the personal information that you provide to us during registration and in surveys exclusively and anonymously for the purposes of market and consumer research as part of our product development. Therefore your data will be processed by Testo SE & Co. KGaA (Germany) and not disclosed to third parties. You can change or update personal information in your account at any time.

Your data is in safe hands with us
We are grateful for your trust and use the utmost care and highest security standards to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. All your information is encrypted by technical security systems and protected by additional authorization procedures. You can find all details on the subject of data protection on our homepage at Data protection.

Password-protected personal area
You can view your personal data, all links to surveys and information about your participant profile in your user account. To ensure that only you have access to this area, you need not only your e-mail address for access, but also a personal password that you choose yourself. Please note: You should not share your password with third parties and always log out of your personal account after using it. You can view and change your personal data at any time.

Use of cookies
Only cookies that are technically necessary for operation are used on these web pages. These are set automatically so that the website works. According to the European Court of Justice, only cookies that are not necessary for the operation of a website (e.g. for performance or marketing purposes) require consent, which is why we deliberately refrain from embedding a cookie banner.

End participation
Your membership with Testo Experts is completely voluntary and can be terminated at any time in your personal area via "End membership" in the "Account" tab. Your personal data will then be deleted immediately and completely, collected points will expire. You have the right to free information, data transfer, correction, blocking and, if necessary, deletion of your data stored by us at any time.

If you have any questions or would like to tell us something, we can always be reached by e-mail: experts@testo.com