Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Testo Experts panel?
The Testo Experts panel is a group of people from the plumbing, heating and refrigeration trade who have the opportunity to share their experiences and wishes with us in regular surveys (e.g. online surveys or interviews). This allows participants to actively shape Testo products, services and performance.
How do I become a member of Testo Experts?
You can register with Testo Experts here. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old and live and work in Germany, USA, or Canada.
Can I register with Testo Experts even if I don't use Testo measuring instruments?
No, Testo Experts is addressed to existing customers or users of Testo measuring instruments.
How can I participate in a survey?
Depending on the information you provide about contact options and survey forms, there are two options:
  • In the case of an online survey, you’ll receive an invitation by e-mail with a link to the corresponding questionnaire; you can complete the survey on your PC or smartphone.
  • For telephone interviews, you’ll be requested by e-mail and contacted by telephone after an appointment has been made.
Does participation in Testo Experts cost anything?
No, your participation is of course free of charge.
Better still - you can even support a good cause by participating. Each time you participate in a survey or interview, you’ll receive points as a reward for your efforts. You can convert these points into donations to charitable organizations.
As a participant, what will I be asked?
The topics of the surveys are diverse and wide-ranging. We would like to get your feedback on products, product ideas, services and trends.
Do I get anything for participating in the surveys?
By participating, you can support a good cause. Each time you participate in a survey or interview, you’ll receive points as a reward for your efforts. Testo converts these collected points into a monetary donation to your preferred recipient from our donation partners. We are not allowed to issue you with a donation receipt recognized under tax law.
How often will I be invited to surveys?
You will receive an invitation to new surveys approximately once or twice a month. You can decide yourself how often you would like to participate in surveys, and on which topics.
How extensive are the surveys?
The duration and scope varies from survey to survey. In each invitation e-mail, we’ll give you a guideline of how much time you should allow to fully answer the questions.
How much time do I have to answer a survey?
We’ll inform you about this in the invitation e-mail. On average, it’s five to eight days.
What happens if I don’t want to participate in a survey?
Participation in our surveys is voluntary and non-binding. You do not enter into any obligations through your membership with Testo Experts. After a few days, you may receive a reminder e-mail. If you are still not interested in participating, we’ll respect that and won’t contact you again about this survey.
What can I do if I forget my password?
Click "Request password" when you log in. A window will then open where you can enter your e-mail address to request a new password. You will then receive an e-mail with a link that will allow you to set a new password.
Can I change my password?
In the logged-in area under the "Account" tab, you can assign a new password at any time.
How do I communicate personal changes?
You can easily customize your contact information yourself. To do this, log in, go to the "Account" tab and adjust your personal data.
How can I terminate my membership?
You can revoke your membership with Testo Experts at any time in the logged-in area in the "Account" tab under "Delete user account". Your personal data will then be immediately deleted. Data deletion voids any points that have not yet been converted.
What happens with my data?
Our data protection information contains all the information on this.


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